We sing JPOP songs Yay!
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*Sing with emotion and energy
*Try your best with keeping the pitch and tone when recording
*Make sure to sing with the right pronunciation...so don't rush through your lines.
*Only sing your parts...Such as if you are Mai in C-ute do not sing the other members in C-ute solos.
*Please upload your lines in box.net! Box.net is a free site just like 4shared, mediafire and sendspace...the only difference is it downloads the files for me faster.
*Try and save your lines in mp3 format. This would be very helpful since your lines will download faster for me. But if you have to use wav don't stress on it.
*Do not amplify or add effects to your lines. If you sing quietly do not worry I will make you loud enough so everyone can hear you.
*Please make the deadlines! If for whatever reason you cannot please tell me...I do not want to haunt you down.
*Do not and I repeat DO NOT use my lyrics for your own personal use without my permission! I work hard on them! anyone who disobeys this rule gets an automatic termination from the project
*Most of all Have fun!

I think that is it...lol! =)
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