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 Strike System

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Strike System Empty
PostSubject: Strike System   Strike System EmptyMon Dec 12, 2011 7:04 am

Hello everyone! This is where I will keep track how many strikes a member has. Strikes are a result of not handing lines on time and you do not tell me you need a cover or an extension. Strikes will be represented like this"✖" next to your name. Three strikes = A forced graduation. This means you will NOT get a graduation song. I will really hate to do this so please be active ^O^~!

♥Members of Love project♥
♪Hanii - itshanni3
♪Chuchi - chuchimiki
♪Foxtella - Voxtella
♪Phob - TheMegaPhob
♪Miyu - Miya1993
♪Himi - Fairyxprincess2
♪Aliie - xTsubasaYume
♪Sing - jrocknpoppingirl
♪Namii - NamiTsujiru
♪Aria - ArisaPinku
♪Luru - Airiii93
♪Michiyo - KiramekiMichi
♪Ren - Reevchan
♪Momo - xMomoK
♪Yumi - SugoiiYumichan
♪Malice - maliciousdevice
♪My-chan - xLittleMystery
♪Reira - kawaiicharaXYo
♪Asuki - ScarlettAlchemist17
♪Blissy - Blissycansing
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Strike System
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